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As of today, dental implants offer patients with missing teeth a permanent solution with multiple oral health benefits. As a comprehensive dental care provider, Dr. Fawaz Habib offers both the surgical placement and restoration of dental implants to residents of Tracy and surrounding communities.  Dr.  Habib has extensive experience with dental implants and provides patients with optimal results utilizing digital imagery to pinpoint the exact placement of the implant. Dr. Habib also uses continuing education to utilize the most cutting edge techniques and ensure patients receive the highest quality of implant treatment.   

Corral Hollow Family Dental provides several teeth replacement solutions. However, to maintain natural facial contour, jaw health, and ideal dental function, we recommend dental implants for our eligible patients.  Implant dentistry will not only replace your missing teeth, but will offer you the benefits of long-term functional and cosmetic appeal.

Your Jaw Matters

Just one missing tooth can have an adverse impact the function and appeal of your smile because surrounding teeth can shift toward the space left behind. Loss of stimulation provided by the tooth root can cause resorption, a process in which the adjacent jawbone tries to close the gap, causing a decrease in bone mass. As resorption happens and jawbone mass begins to decline, a person’s jaw can appear shrunken, giving them a prematurely aged look. Dental implants replace a tooth from root to crown, which stops resorption, encouraging healthy bone development as well as improving your smile.

Implant-Supported Restorations 

After a thorough exam and assessment of your jaw health, our experienced dentists can determine your candidacy. If your jaw needs strengthening through bone-grafting, we can help with that as well.

The implant procedure involves inserting a predetermined number of implant post(s) into the jaw to act as the tooth root which creates a stable foundation for the restoration. The post integrates with the bone to support the prosthetic and provide a strong bite.

We offer restorations to replace an individual tooth or a full arch of missing teeth. Depending on your needs, the following prosthetics are available for use with dental implants.

  • Implant-supported crowns – to replace one or more individual teeth from the root up with a single implant post.
  • Implant-Supported Bridges – to replace a short row of missing teeth, this appliance is secured to a minimum of two implant posts.

Fixed bridges can also replace teeth but rely on the alteration of adjacent healthy teeth for support.  While traditional bridges may offer quality function, they can wear down over time, need replacement, and leave the underlying bone untreated.

Implant Supported Restorations

Implant-Supported Dentures and Teeth-in-a-Day 

For the most natural feeling denture experience, The dentists at Corral Hollow Family Dental offers implant-supported dentures and can often work with a patient's existing denture if it is in good condition.

This permanent denture method uses a minimum of four implant posts and the “All-on-Four” technique to support the prosthetic. This approach allows many patients to have their denture placed immediately, avoiding the need to wear an uncomfortable temporary over the course of several weeks.

We offer both permanent (hybrid dentures) and removable overdentures with each arch requiring two to four implant posts.

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Dental implants offer a strong and stable foundation for your dental restoration. Corral Hollow Family Dental is committed to providing quality dental care to keep your smile healthy for a lifetime.

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