Welcome to our Corral Hollow Family Dental Blog!  This informative and educational blog is designed to keep patients and residents of our community informed of "What's New" in the field of dentistry.  The posts we provide should help educate you on dental procedures and technology provided in the field of dentistry.  We will also make a concerted effort to keep you update with new technology, procedures, and general developments with our practice.  Please feel free to provide feedback on any posts or you are welcome to share interesting articles with your friends or acquaintances.  We hope you find our blog helpful.  

Implant Dentistry A Guide to Implant-Supported Bridges

Smiling, laughing, and enjoying your favorite foods are simple pleasures that can be hindered by mis...

Jun 11 • 3 min read
Pediatric Dentistry Should You Pull A Kids Tooth Out?

As parents, we're often faced with a myriad of decisions regarding our children's health and well-be...

May 12 • 3 min read
Pediatric Dentistry Signs Your Child’s Teeth Are Having Issues

As parents, we strive to ensure the well-being of our children in every aspect of their lives, inclu...

Apr 9 • 4 min read
General Dentistry Celebrating Dental Assistants

Dental Assistant Recognition Week is an annual celebration dedicated to honoring the invaluable cont...

Mar 11 • 3 min read
Periodontics How Sugar Fuels the Fire of Gum Disease

Gum disease is a prevalent oral health issue that affects millions of people worldwide. While poor o...

Feb 12 • 3 min read
Pediatric Dentistry 4 Reasons Your Child Should Visit A Dentist

As you navigate the maze of parenting, ensuring your little ones grow up healthy and happy is undoub...

Dec 11 • 3 min read
Oral Health TMJ Awareness Month: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

November is a special month for us because it's TMJ Awareness Month. Temporomandibular Joint Disorde...

Nov 10 • 3 min read
Oral Health Achieving A Radiant Smile : Tips for National Dental Hygiene Month

October is a special month for our pearly whites—it's National Dental Hygiene Month! This annual eve...

Oct 14 • 3 min read
Orthodontics Why Invisalign Is the Top Choice for Teenagers' Orthodontic Journey

The emergence of Invisalign® has revolutionized the way teenagers approach teeth straightening. Gone...

Sep 3 • 3 min read
Oral Health Is Your Diet Harming Your Smile? Stay Away From These Foods!

Human teeth are incredibly resilient. They endure crushing pressures, extreme temperatures, and an o...

Aug 2 • 3 min read

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